In my childhood, I often ate noodles, looking hard at spiral patterns printed inside the bowl. I also recall finding mandala patterns everywhere: inside fruits, seeds and flowers.

Also in my childhood, there was a candy called “Kawari Dama” (or changing ball), a white round candy that changes colors from white to red, blue, etc. after you put it in your mouth. I was an inpatient kid who couldn't keep rolling a candy on my tongue and often ended up chewing and breaking the candy before it changed the color. But on its section, I found colored ring patterns, curly and ripply, which continued to deep inside the candy. To me, it was like a map to direct me to a land of eternity.

For me, as a child, searching for signs of eternity was my favorite game and I found them in wood grains of ceilings, tiles in bathrooms, mosaics used at the stairs of one acquaintance’s house, etc. I loved and stared at them for long time. Now they are probably the sources of my paintings.

I hope you find, in my paintings, wonder of life, an image of volatile world and a life full of joy and happiness, all of which I feel in everyday life.