"Even people of today may be just a part of past ripples" – This phrase from the Grimm's Fairly Tales makes me feel or recall a wonder and uncertainty of life that I feel in everyday life. I tried to put this feeling in my paintings.

Tamami Kataniwa. September, 2005

In 1982, the company I worked for folded and using the same office one drawing class started. Having no other place to go, I managed to stay there, expecting to get a job as a clerk at the class. But finally I found, not a job, but my enthusiasm in painting. In the class I met with my mentor Mr. Yasuyuki Kobayashi, who turned his back to traditions, left Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music without diploma and was having private exhibitions of his art works. I studied under him for two years.

In 1985, I’ve started sending my paintings to public exhibitions and received several awards since then. In 1991, I had the first private exhibition of my works, and the second and third in 1999 and 2001. Currently, my time is dedicated to paintings for the next exhibition in December 2005.